Grenadines MarSIS
Marine Resource and Space-use Information System

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This page contains links to download Maps and Documents (SEE BELOW) resulting from the
Grenadines MarSIS research.


Marine Multi-use Zoning Design for the Grenada Bank


From July 2011–June 2012
Alison DeGraff mapped terrestrial heritage data of important historical, cultural, and ecological sites of the Grenadine Islands. This information fills identified data gaps in the MarSIS and will serve to strengthen the current application of the Grenadine Islands as a   
Transboundary UNESCO Marine World Heritage Site.

Grenadines Heritage Reference Map
Tobago Cays
Union Island
Palm Island

Petit St. Vincent
Petite Martinique

Ilse de Rhonde/Isle de Caille

   Additional heritage information:

National Geographic Education's -
         Grenadines Heritage Mapping Geo Story           

        Grenadines World Heritage Site Review Flyer  

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All available information on the Grenadines Islands, ranging from Bequia in the North to Isle Rhonde in the South, has been actively collected since 2002. This information covers many aspects of the Grenadines such as the economic, social and environmental issues which affect its people. The output of this library has been made available at different times and sources and varies greatly in its quality and scope. This page contains links to download a number of relevant research documents, maps and pictures of the Grenadine Islands and Grenada Bank.

Annotated bibliographic information on the Grenadine Islands

Updated Version 7 - April 2013. This document provides an inventory and review of some of the environmental, social and economic information that can be found on the Grenadines. It is hoped that it will be useful to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), community members, and any other parties with an interest in the area. This inventory is not considered to be complete as it has been based on what has become available, rather than on a systematic bibliographic search.

Environmental legislation guidebook for the Grenadine Islands
This guide book lists and explains the various environmental regulations relating to biodiversity, marine environment, land use development, waste and air pollution, and environmental health. Activities which are prohibited and allowed are identified along with the penalties for any offence.


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. For the Sustainable Grenadines, Inc. Union Island, SVG.


MarSIS Research - Overview

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